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The Cheryl Eason Hope Foundation


Cheryl Eason, was twenty-seven,when she was murdered at the front door of her apartment in Hot Spring's,Arkansas. November 26,2002,was the last day of Cheryl's life. There have not been any arrests,or any leads to her murderer. I am the proud  Mother of Cheryl. I miss her deeply,and I am setting this website up, in her name,for any donations, to help place a billboard up.Our family is forever changed,and we want justice for what happened to Cheryl. She was a beautiful person,and did not deserve to die such a horrible way Please help, I will forever be grateful. Connie Eason

 Cheryl lived at the Clinton Loft apartment building in Hot Spring's,Arkansas. She was assisstant manager at the Hot Spring's Mall. Cheryl never had a chance to finish her life. Someone was waiting for Cheryl on November 26,2002. She drove her car up to the front door,statrted to unload her groceries,and was approached by a black man.They had words,and something went wrong,he pulled a gun on her. A few minutes later, Cheryl was shot,and left laying on the ground to die.The perpetrater fled on foot,and entered a local motel,located just down the street.  Our question is,why is no one charged for this  horrible crime? There were many witness's,but no one will come forward! We are left with nothing,but grief,pain,and frustration. The light of our lives has gone out.   

 If anyone has any information pertaining to this case,please contact the Hot Spring's police department,at,501-321-6717. You can remain anonymous, call crimestoppers 24 hr. hotline,at, 501-321-6742. There is a reward being offered for information leading to the arrest,and conviction,of her killer. Please help catch a killer!!


 It is my hope, that someone will find it in their heart to donate to Cheryl's foundation. She deserve's justice! Please contact, Connie Eason,at 501-865-2380,to give. Thank you 


.Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site. Please visit to learn about Cheryl's story.


To Contribute to Cheryl's foundation,please contact, Connie Eason,at 501-865-2380.Any donation will be appreciated,and will be used to help catch a killer.