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The Cheryl Eason Hope Foundation
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Our Goal

 This is a website for Cheryl Eason,who was murdered,November 26,2002. It is my hope,that someone will find it in their heart,to donate something to this foundation. I am her Mother,and I want to place a Billboard up, to help catch her killer. I want to place it in Hot Spring's Arkansas, with her picture, asking for help. For the ladies,I will send a beautiful,silk,rose corsage,the gentlemen,I will send a box of honemade chocolate chip cookies. Any donation will be used to help place a Billboard,and will truly be appreciated. We want to catch a killer!

It has been almost five years,since the murder of my daughter. We wonder why this happened to our daughter. There are so many unanswered questions.that may never be answered. We want justice.   Cheryl had everything to look forward too. But, someone made the decision to end her life. That person,never gave a thought to taking her life from her! How can we let this happen? What can we do? I want to place a Billboard up. Maybe someone,will respond! Please help! 

 Cheryl was murdered two days before Thanksgiving. Instead of coming home for the holidays,she went to spend eternity with   "JESUS" 

Cheryl,Lolita,and Mom
A picture of happiness. 


Cheryl's special princess

Cheryl's Dog, princiss, was her special love. 




To Contribute to Cheryl's foundation,please contact, Connie Eason,at 501-865-2380.Any donation will be appreciated,and will be used to help catch a killer.